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Bariatric Evaluations in the Brainerd Lakes Area

Bariatric Evaluations

What is a Bariatric Evaluation?

A Bariatric Evaluation is a comprehensive psychosocial evaluation is the standard of practice with potential bariatric surgery candidates. Pre-surgery psychosocial evaluations gather information via clinical interview and administration of objective psychological measures.  

Why Do You Need a Bariatric Evaluation

Bariatric Evaluations have a dual purpose: first to screen for contraindications for surgery, and second to identify pre-surgery and post-surgery psychological treatment needs.  Candidates are referred by their surgical team and an extensive pre-visit packet is provided to the patient. Once this packet is completed an intake interview is scheduled with Dr. Kurtz and the patient is set up for the required psychological testing.  After 2 - 3 visits the bariatric clinical team is provided a report detailing the client's preexisting mental health issues (if any) and recommending post surgical follow-up needs.

Our Approach to Bariatric Evaluations

Patients are, at times, intimidated by this assessment as they may never have been exposed to mental health services in the past.  The only purpose of this assessment is to ensure a successful procedure and recovery. Our Approach is to make this process as easy as possible. We work to ensure comfort and clarity throughout the process, getting you all of the information you need moving forward. Feel free to reach out to us with questions!