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About TMS Treatment

Additional Information about TMS in the Brainerd Lakes Area

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What Is TMS?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a series of repetitive, brief and focused magnetic pulses, used to stimulate brain cells.

TMS therapy is a proven, safe and cost-effective treatment for Major Depressive Disorder,  and is non-invasive, non-systemic and has few known adverse effects, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Who Can Get TMS?

TMS therapy was FDA approved in 2008 as a treatment option for patients with treatment-resistant depression, who have not found relief from traditional anti-depressant medication. In addition, TMS is offered as an alternative treatment option for anyone with depression that is searching for a non-pharmaceutical choice.

Brain Activity Levels Before and After TMS Treatments

Brain Activity Levels Before and After TMS Treatments

How Does TMS Work?

In depressed patients, the electrical (neuronal) activity in certain areas of the brain is shown to be reduced. Using TMS targeted at these areas, we aim to re-awaken these cells, increasing brain activity to normal levels.

TMS uses a focused electromagnet to rapidly pulse a magnetic field to the targeted area. The magnetic pulses induce an electrical current in the brain, stimulating the cells into activity.

What Can Be Expected During TMS Treatment?

TMS Treatment is performed in the comfort of the Northern Psychiatric Associates Office, there is no need to go to a separate clinic or surgery center. Treatment sessions last around 30 minutes and are typically performed 5 days per week, over a six-week period.

The entire process is done while you are seated in a comfortable chair, in your own private room. Some measurements may be taken of your head and you will be provided with earplugs. You are free to watch television or talk with the staff during your treatment.

The technician will will position the magnetic coil on your head and treatment will begin. You may feel a moderate tapping on your head under the treatment coil and you will remain awake and alert throughout treatment. Some clients may experience some mild scalp pain during the first few treatments and a small number may have a mild headache. If this is an issue we will treat with Tylenol prior to the procedure.

Most importantly, following your session, you will be able to drive home and you can resume normal activities for the rest of the day.

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